During martial law in Ukraine, it is forbidden for men of military age to travel abroad. This was done so that there would be someone to defend the country from Russian aggression. At the same time, when many men and women have been fighting with one of the strongest armies in the world for almost two years in a full-scale war, in the rear there is such a shameful phenomenon as making a living on evasion.

Kirovohrad region, the center of Ukraine, is no exception. According to our research, law enforcement officers have uncovered dozens of cases where dealers offer money to issue fake certificates that give men the right to travel abroad. The dealers do not hesitate to cover themselves, even with charitable foundations. The price is from $500.

We found out that those who were exposed by the law enforcement officers are currently awaiting trial. They face imprisonment for up to 9 years. However, there are cases when the accused were fined. Therefore, the active work of law enforcement officers, strict social control and increased responsibility should become an important component of Ukraine’s defense capability today.