In September, the Russian occupiers held pseudo-elections at the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories, including Donetsk. The main bet of the enemy was on its main political force – the “United Russia” party, whose “painted” victory was supposed to demonstrate the allegedly high level of support for the Russian president’s policy.

The electoral list of Putin’s party in the occupied part of Donetsk was a collection consisting of the most odious characters. There were both soldiers of the enemy army and “supervisors” from the Kremlin. The greatest interest for us are local traitors, representing the “humanitarian sector”. Some of them are from the organization “Donetsk Republic” – a banned structure in Ukraine, created back in the early 1990s. Its activity began to increase sharply after the occupation in 2014, turning the “Donetsk Republic” into a real “forge of personnel for the occupiers”.

The investigation tells about a school principal, a theater manager, a medical doctor and an organizer of cultural events who represent Putin’s political power now.

Від Pavlo Novyk