54-year-old Svitlana Vasylenkova, a primary school teacher in one of the schools in Kramatorsk, decided to go to the front on the 5th day after the full-scale Russian invasion, because she had been a civilian defense nurse since Soviet times. Therefore, she thought that her skills would be useful.

Her family had been preparing her for the army, but she never became a fighter. Instead, her son and husband went to defend Ukraine. Svitlana herself was forced to leave her native Kramatorsk for the Dnipro.

The woman found herself in volunteering, helping her friends and colleagues in her hometown with humanitarian provisions. Now she teaches online, her third-graders are located all over the country and abroad. Now, Svitlana waits every day for news from her closest defenders. She hopes for their return as soon as possible. She hopes to return home together to their native Kramatorsk.