For more than half a year, a third of the Kharkiv region was occupied by Russian troops. Last year, the Russians designated the city of Kupiansk as the center of the occupied part of Kharkiv region, where they created the so-called military-civilian administration at the beginning of June 2022.

The administration included long-time supporters of the Russians who had lived in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions in recent years, as well as local officials.

After the de-occupation of Kharkiv Oblast in September 2022, representatives of the so-called administration fled to Russian Belgorod, where they continue their activities to undermine the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Their work is mainly aimed at spreading fakes and propaganda. The article refutes the theses of the propaganda film, which the collaborators presented for the anniversary of the creation of the so-called administration. In addition, it was possible to identify the employees of the administration who continue to work in Belgorod.

Від Pavlo Novyk