In the village of Oleshyn, near Khmelnytskyi, an unusual house was built – in the shape of an egg. It is constructed mainly from materials that were already in use. The creators of the house are an IDP from Kharkiv, ecoactivist, designer Lana Teslenko and her husband. The woman began to profess such a worldview since childhood.

After getting married, the woman became more active in recycling. The couple bought an apartment in an old building in the center of Kharkiv. In the house, they rebuilt the entire environment with their own hands. This experience with updating the apartment turned out to be useful when fleeing to Khmelnytskyi after the war broke out.

The foundation of the house in Oleshyn is on tires compacted with crushed stone and sand. As Lana explains, it also fits the concept of sustainability, because the family didn’t buy new tires, but found them in a dump. Perhaps, the shape of the house – an egg – attracts the most attention. This decision is due to the desire to have a house without corners.

The walls of the house are made of straw bales. This long-known in Ukraine technology of the mud house has gained popularity even in modern conditions. Straw was purchased from farmers. I also had to buy ceiling beams for the roof. Instead, for example, the windows installed in the house were already in use.

Right next to Oleshyn is a landfill for solid household waste, where garbage is taken from the regional center. And this, according to the ecoactivist, is also a resource. Among these materials there are rare pieces of furniture: an armchair, chairs, a large chest of drawers on bent legs. They managed to find used furniture, pipes, even plumbing parts. Lana Teslenko believes that this approach allows for significant savings and provides an opportunity to build housing, even without vast financial resources.