A few years ago, if someone had told me that it would be possible to go to an art museum for some cool art event, I would probably have been surprised. Now I understand that this is reality and modernity. This is the future of our artistic places; they transform and revive during each event. It’s paradoxical, though, it is facilitated by the full-scale war, which made Ukrainians leave their homes and look for new places where they will be warmly welcomed. The Khmelnytskyi Regional Art Museum became such a place.

Today, the Khmelnytskyi Regional Art Museum is the place where the space that helped the townspeople and internally displaced people survive the most difficult months of the full-scale invasion is created. ARTHAB has somewhat changed its activity, but continues to delight its visitors with artistic events.

In 2020, the museum was also rebranded and institutionally strengthened. Now, even in the conditions of martial law, they are engaged in digitization and implementing interesting projects. Very soon, the Art Residence will open its doors for artists from all over Ukraine, who will live and create together, and then travel to the regions with exhibitions. It is also planned to replenish the funds of the project partners — the Khmelnytskyi and Donetsk regional art museums, as well as the young museum in Maliivtsi — with the works of the participants.

In addition, the museum actively began to cooperate with international museums and receive assistance from donors who help countries in wartime conditions. The plans further include deepening cooperation and even holding exhibitions abroad.

Від Alona Bereza