A ticket in electronic format, non-cash payment, a travel card have been the objectives of Khmelnytskyi for several years. Back in 2018, a competition was held to determine the operator that should change the method of calculating fares in public transport. Then it was planned to carry out the so-called transport reform, which included a phased plan for the introduction of e-tickets in public and private transport.

Currently, the plan has been suspended somewhere in the 2nd stage of implementation with the installation of 221 validators on the transport of the Khmelnytskyi communal enterprise “Electrotrans”. In the article, we will talk about the city government’s ambitious plans for transport reform and their implementation, first under quarantine conditions, and now under martial law.

In 2018, after holding a competition to determine a single operator for the implementation of this system, Odesa LLC “Hertz” began to implement electronic tickets in Khmelnytskyi, but the company did not have its own equipment and software. The firm that provides software to “Hertz” under a sublicense agreement has a Cypriot company under sanctions as its founder.

Currently, the city authorities and the Khmelnytskyi communal enterprise “Electrotrans” have quite a lot of questions to this operator regarding the fulfillment of the obligations. Holding a new competition and choosing a new operator can save the situation. At the same time, the city council did not deny the possibility of the current operator participating in this competition.

Від Alona Bereza