More than a year ago, “I, Mariupol” Support Center for Internally Displaced Persons opened in Khmelnytskyi. From the beginning of its operation, psychological, humanitarian, legal and social support was provided here, as well as help with employment. The center serves only for displaced Mariupol citizens and residents of the Mariupol community. We have already covered the activities of the Center twice. We talked to the head of the Center Yevhen Mazur about the activities of the Women’s Club on the basis of the Support Center for Internally Displaced Persons “I, Mariupol” and about other initiatives for women.

According to Yevhen Mazur, the Women’s Club in the Center started its work at the beginning of this year. The idea was born after the organization of meetings of the “Zhytteliub” club for the elderly. Later, the Center expanded the format and organized something for women. Initially, these were women, whose relatives were in captivity. At the same time, initiatives were also carried out for other Mariupol women. After that, these two initiatives were combined and the Women’s Club was formed.

About a dozen women from Mariupol usually attended public events within the framework of the Women’s Club. They attended workshops, round tables, various discussions, just had tea and shared their memories of Mariupol.

Currently, the meetings of the Women’s Club are not held, but they will definitely be resumed in the fall in a completely updated format, which is currently being worked on by the employees of the “I, Mariupol” Center in Khmelnytskyi, who are returning from vacations.

Від Alona Bereza