Damage to the organs of hearing is one of the most common problems faced by the military. Hearing is affected by the sounds of explosions, shots, and high-powered engines during combat operations and exercises.

 According to Hanna Holovatska, an otolaryngologist at the health care department of the National Academy of the State Border Service of Ukraine, the sound wave hits the nerve cells located in the inner ear. After their damage, a person can feel an intense, high-pitched ringing in the ears. Over time, this unpleasant sound loses its intensity. But this means that the inflammation occupies a larger area.

The extent to which hearing is affected depends on the individual sensitivity of the hearing analyser. However, it is impossible to predict who will be affected by the noise and who will not. If after the morning shooting, the ringing in the ears has not passed by the evening, this is a reason to immediately consult a doctor. Treatment in the early stages gives chances to restore hearing.

However, treating hearing damaged due to acoustic trauma is much more difficult than preventing such damage. Protection against air and bone conduction can be provided by tactical active headphones. With the help of special sound waves generated by the device, they reduce the amount of sounds that reach the user’s ears.

In the opinion of Hanna Holovatska, the mobilized, who are sent to shootings, must be provided with headphones. Currently, this is not happening. Therefore, the military is forced to purchase such equipment on their own. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the organization of “Defence of Ukraine” lessons in schools. After all, students are often not provided with headphones.