On the first day of the full-scale invasion, almost the entire country turned into a volunteer hub: donations were collected. Some collected for food, some for cars, and some came to weave nets. After some time, the number of volunteers decreased significantly, because the economy slowly began to recover. However, the Ukrainians continued to actively report, especially after heavy rocket attacks. Millions of meetings were closed within days or even hours.

It is in such periods that formed communities begin to play a rather important role. These are, for example, sports associations or teams at some enterprises or some establishments. This time we will talk about one of these sports “gangs”, which was united by trainers from Khmelnytskyi.

Olia and Ira are fitness trainers with higher sports education, each of whom has more than 10 years of experience in this field. They are the founders of a project about nutrition, training, and self-care called FIZRA.HUB.

Thanks to charity training, the trainers have already managed to collect money for 4 drones. The average price is about 100 thousand hryvnias each. The girls emphasize that it was a joint effort, because other people and bloggers helped them.

This is not only our merit. It was also possible to collect funds for the repair of cars and “Eco flow” changing system. Currently, money is being raised for three rangefinders for special operations forces. The total amount of collected donations is over half a million hryvnias.

To demonstrate the importance of such money raising for our defenders, we need to get feedback from those they actually help. Military man Oleksandr (name changed for security reasons), at whose request female trainers started raising money and organized charitable training, also told the details of this powerful charitable interaction. He went to the gym and worked out with one of the trainers. Oleksandr once went on a business trip, and it was then that the coach somehow asked if he needed any help. The military man said they needed to get a drone.

“And it all began: these charity trainings, the first money raising was launched. It was a success and a drone was bought for the military. But it was only the beginning for this sports “gang”, because they became passionate about their potential. At first, they helped some colleagues, then I asked for their help again. Three rangefinders and one thermal imaging sight are needed now for the special purpose group,” recalls military officer Oleksandr.

According to Oleksandr, the money raising was launched immediately. Now, it is almost over, and in the future, the necessary equipment will be given to the guys who are currently performing their assigned tasks in the war zone.

Від Alona Bereza