Reorganization in the education system “reshaped” not only the names, but also the essence of educational institutions. On September 1, 2023, students of 19 lyceums will go to school in the Khmelnytskyi community. At the same time, three lyceums will become academic, and therefore they will stop enrollment in 5th grades in the new academic year. Until 2027, they will focus only in specialized education: Ukrainian and foreign philology, physical-mathematical, chemical-biological, informational, historical and other areas.

When choosing institutions that will become lyceums, attention was paid to the material and technical base, the potential of the teaching staff and the institution’s administration, the capacity—not only during the last, but also during the five previous years. The results of external examinations, participation in Olympiads, professional pedagogical and student competitions were also important. This was reported by the director of the department of education and science of the Khmelnytskyi City Council, Olga Kshanovska.

Fifteen community high schools will stop the enrollment in 10th grades, education there will continue from first to ninth grade. At the same time, they are increasing enrollment in 5th grades. Thus, no significant reduction in teaching hours is expected.

Another five institutions of the community will work as primary schools. They will continue to work there according to the New Ukrainian School program.