The war once again revived the process of decommunization, and renaming geographical names. This time — in connection with the decision of the National Commission on State Language Standards. At first, it decided to take a radical approach to renaming. Thus, 11 villages were identified in the Khmelnytskyi region, which needed to be offered a new name. For another 17 villages, it was proposed to justify the current name. In addition, 7 names were indicated that should be changed due to non-compliance with lexical norms. However, later another decision was made public. According to it, only 4 villages remain, in the name of which certain letters must be replaced. The other 3 villages should be renamed.

According to the first decision of the National Assembly, the following villages of Khmelnytskyi region had to change their names: Hvardiiske, Pershotravneve, Novostroivka, Aniutyne, Moskvytianivka, Rosiiska Buda, Chervona Dibrova, Chervona Chaharivka and three settlements with the name Moskalivka. So, it seems, one of the villages was not even “noticed” by the commission.

Already in the updated list there are two villages, the names of which should be changed – Aniutyne and Holenyshcheve of the Letychiv district and one more Holenyshcheve of the Zakupne district.

According to representatives of the National Commission, Kushnyrivka and Kushnyrivska Slobidka of the Volochysk Territory do not meet the lexical norms. They are proposed to be replaced by Kushnirivka and Kushnirivska Slobidka. It is recommended to replace the name “Smoshky” (a village in Sakhnovetska Community – Ed.) with “Zmorshky”, and Dzhurzhivka (in Novoushytsk Community – Ed.) to Dzhurdzhivka.