The branch of the “Rokada” charitable foundation in Khmelnytskyi region is engaged in various activities. Since its inception, the foundation has focused specifically on psychological support and social assistance. We have already talked about this in our previous article. However, today we will talk more about the specifics of these directions, having talked with the representatives of “Rokada”.

Psychological and social work in the centre currently mainly rests on the shoulders of women. Professional psychologists work both for women and for other categories of the population, including great efforts during the period of full-scale invasion directed at helping internally displaced persons living in Khmelnytskyi region. Some of them are displaced persons themselves, and therefore know quite well what exactly Ukrainians, who were forced to leave their homes or lost them altogether, need.

Iryna Gnizdilova, a psychologist at the “Rokada” charitable foundation, has been working here since last year, that is, almost since the foundation was launched in Khmelnytskyi. The psychologist said that during this time she participated in a significant number of projects, including those aimed at women. For example, Psychological gatherings and the Women’s Club on the basis of Tatohub, Women’s anti-discrimination game “Being a woman”, the project “Strong Women” and others.

The fund constantly holds meetings upon request for teachers and social workers who help IDPs and the local population.

Iryna Kokhanovska is a psychologist of the Rokada Charitable Foundation. On February 24, 2022, she moved near Dnipro, and then a month after the launch of the fund in Khmelnytskyi region, she found this job and moved. The psychologist added that five foundation’s psychologists are also involved in prevention of gender-based violence.

Social work is fulfilled by two employees in the foundation. Before working at the charitable foundation, social worker of the “Rokada” charitable foundation Liudmila Bezditna worked in an international company as a translator. When the full-scale war began, she was offered the position of coordinator.

Maryna Korsina is a coordinator of the “Gender-based violence (GBV)” direction at the Khmelnytskyi branch of the “Rokada” charitable foundation. Prior to this job, she worked for six years at the National Center for Social Welfare and Development, that is, she worked a lot with people, knew different segments of the population: both large families and people with disabilities. Marina herself is a displaced person, her city is currently under occupation.

In general, the “Rokada” charitable foundation helps internally displaced persons on an ongoing basis, and its representatives regularly visit places of compact settlement, where they provide comprehensive assistance as needed.

Від Alona Bereza